Advanced biophysics

Joachim Heberle (FU, Physics)

This module will present and substantiate biophysical methods and concepts. Selected methods like spectroscopy and diffraction and their application to proteins and biomembranes are of particular relevance. The lecture series will cover a selection of the following methods:

absorption spectroscopy in the UV, visible and IR region;
fluorescence spectroscopy, time-resolved approaches;
spectroscopy with polarized light;
vibrational spectroscopy: Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR), resonance Raman, surfance-enhanced Raman and IR;
diffraction with X-rays, Neutrons and electrons;
crystallization and protein crystallography;
nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR); light scattering; single molecule spectroscopy;
atomic force microscopy (AFM and optical tweezer);
theoretical methods: MD simulations, Poisson-Boltzmann, QM/MM, coarse-grained MD