Winter Semester 2016/17

Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG)
Title: Introduction to Stochastic Processes


Description: In this course we will introduce some of the standard tools of stochastic modeling. Following examples and case studies, the course covers the main theory of Markov chains in discrete and continuous time. The course will dwell on the theory of first-passage time problems and their widespread use in stochastic modeling. We will also touch some elementary aspects of information theory, hazard rate theory and a few elementary aspects of data analysis. The accompanying tutorials will cover basic aspects of probability theory.

Location: MPIKG, Theory Seminar Room, Monday and Wednesday 10:30 - 12:00 starting October 24.


Matthew Harrington (MPIKG)
Title: Design Principles of Biological Materials


Description: Living organisms create a broad range of remarkable materials from biomolecular building blocks, which serve as archetypes for development of new material design. This course will focus on understanding structure-function relationships defining a range of biological materials, with a particular focus on protein-based materials such as collagen, silk and elastin, but also including cellulose and chitin-based materials, as well as relevant topics such as mineralization, adhesion and material gradients. 

Location: MPIKG, Biomaterials Seminar Room, Thursdays 1:30-3 p.m. Start: October 27