Cell and Tissue Mechanobiology

Cecile Bidan (MPIKG-BM)


Mechanobiology is a rather new interdisciplinary field of science, which focuses on how mechanics influences biological processes in living organisms. The mechanisms at stake involve different length scales: from the molecular, to the cellular, to the tissue level, and give rise to adaptive behavior like tissue softening or reinforcement depending on their mechanical loading. In this course, we will i) go through the key ingredients and concepts of mechanobiology in mammalian cells, ii) link them to tissue properties and their implication in different fields (e.g. tissue engineering, medicine, development) and iii) get an overview of the major techniques that generated the current knowledge in this field. 

The course will consist of two lectures per week:

Tuesday 10:30-12:00
Thursday 10:30-12:00

starting Nov. 02, 2021 until mid of January.

Adjustments can be done in agreement with the participants. The course will be proposed in a hybrid format or fully online depending on the interest and the technical challenges.

Information to join will be given upon registration.
To register, please send an email to Cecile Bidan: cecile.bidan@mpikg.mpg.de