IMPRS Lecture Series

Various lecturers


The IMPRS Lecture Series covers the broad spectrum of topics involved in the IMPRS and offers short tutorials on these topics. We offer also topics related to Research Integrity, Gender Equality issues and career perspectives.

The list of speakers is the following:

  • Dec. 6: Oren Moscovitz (MPIKG, CC)
    • The Glycobiology Aspects of Cancer
  • Dec. 13: Cecile Bidan (MPIKG, BM)
    • The Materials Science of Biofilms
  • Dec. 20: Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG, BM)
    • The Art of Statistics
  • Jan. 10: Heiko Moeller (UP, Chem)
    • Biomolecular Interactions Studies by NMR Spectroscopy
  • Jan. 17: Oliver Dumele (HU, Chem)
    • Porous Organic Framework Materials: From Synthetic Methods to Gas and Energy Storage
  • Jan. 24: Ralph Graef (UP, Biol)
    • Live Cell Imaging
  • Jan. 31: Anne Grewlich-Gercke (MPG, GV)
    • Science Goes Industry
  • Feb. 7: Hjoerdis Czesnick (German Research Ombudsman)
    • Authorship and Research Data - Current Topics in Good Scientific Practice
  • Feb. 14: Thomas Weikl (MPIKG, BMS)
    • Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Biomolecules
  • Feb. 21: Fauke Logerman (MPG, GV)
    • Diversity & Gender
 Each lecture starts at 11am and ends at 12:30pm. Everyone interested is welcome to attend.