Experimental Biophysics

Tom Robinson (MPIKG)
  • What ws2021
  • When Nov 02, 2020 from 02:45 PM (Europe/Berlin / UTC100)
  • Where MPIKG
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In a nutshell, Biophysics is the interface between Biology and Physics. This interdisciplinary topic aims to tackle unanswered biological questions from the perspective of a physicist, often using laws and tools well established in physics-based research labs. Biophysical research techniques have been around for a while (e.g. the discovery of DNA in 1953 with X-ray crystallography), but new ones are emerging all the time. More recently, the pioneers of cryo-electron microscopy won the Nobel prize in Chemistry. This lecture series will introduce a range of experimental biophysics techniques (both old and new) and present examples of their applications. Methods covered will include: advanced light microscopy, miniaturised technology (microfluidics), spectroscopy (fluorescence, absorbance), cryo-EM, x-ray crystallography, micropipettes, optical tweezers, AFM, and synthetic biology (biomimetic lipid vesicles).

Please contact Dr Robinson to register for the course. The course may be online or in person. Information will follow.