Running Projects


Light sensitive particles as a model of cellular motion (project description)
Pooja Arya
PI: Svetlana Santer (UP)
Collaboration: Mark Santer (MPIKG)

Molecular mechanics of self-healing hydrogel materials (project description)
Zeynep Atris
PI: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG)

GPI-anchored proteins attached to plasma membranes: molecular scale computer simulations (project description)
Pallavi Benerjee
PI: Mark Santer (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Joachim Heberle (FU)

Size control during eukaryotic cell division (project description)
Julia Burzlaff
PI: Carsten Beta (UP)
Collaboration: Angelo Valleriani (MPIKG)

Life in micro-container (project description)
Elisa Cerda Donate
PI: Damien Faivre (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Tom Robinson (MPIKG)

Swimming with magnets: Simulation of the swimming behavior of magnetic cells and computational design of synthetic magnetic microswimmers
Agnese Codutti
PI: Damien Faivre (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Stefan Klumpp (MPIKG), Carsten Beta (UP)

How cytosolic phase separation tunes the dynamics of intracellular reactions (project description)
Mohsen Farhadzadeh
PI: Sophia Rudorf (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Stefanie Barbirz (UP)

Selective protein modifications using heterogeneous photoredox catalysis (project description)
Sebastian Gisbertz
PI: Bartholomäus Pieber (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Oleksandr Savatieiev (MPIKG)

Thermodynamics of interactions of polyanionic carbohydrates with bacteriophage proteins (project description)
Tobias Irmscher
PI: Stefanie Barbirz (UP)
Collaboration: Andrea Grafmüller (MPIKG)

MD simulations and multiscale modeling of specific membrane adhesion (project description)
Batuhan Kav
PI: Thomas Weikl (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Emanuel Schneck (MPIKG)

Fluorinated barnase - barstar complexes (project description)
Alexander Langhans
PI: Beate Koksch (FU)
Collaboration: Ana Vila Verde (MPIKG)

Cooperative transport by amoeboid micro-trucks - a cellular tug-of-war (project description)
Valentino Lepro
PI: Carsten Beta (UP)
Collaboration: Stefan Klumpp (UG), Reinhard Lipowsky (MPIKG)

Biochemical approach to study biomaterials: link between protein matrix nature to mechanical properties in spider cuticles
Ana Licuco Massouh
PI: Yael Politi / Peter Fratzl (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Friedrich Barth, Elena Degtyar (MPIKG)

Coiled coils as mechanical building blocks
Patricia Lopez Garcia
PI: Kerstin Blank
Collaboration: Beate Koksch

Artificial organelle life: Compartmentalization of enzymatic reactions in lipid vesicles (project description)
Akanksha Moga
PI: Tom Robinson (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Silke Leimkühler (UP)

The role of sulfur-transferring proteins associated with the centrosome (project description)
Yannika Neukranz
PI: Ralph Gräf (UP)
Collaboration: Silke Leimkühler (UP)

Growing elongated: How magnetotactic bacteria synthesize anisotropic magnetite (project description)
Anna Pohl
PI: Damien Faivre (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)

Multi-layered biocompatible hydrogels for tissue engineering (project description)
Mohammad Rasti
PI: Bernhard V. K. J. Schmidt (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Ulrich S. Schubert (MPIKG, Uni Jena)

Probing collagen nanomechanics (project description)
Lorena Ruiz Rodriguez
PI: Luca Bertinetti, Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Admir Masic, Emanuel Schneck (MPIKG)

Modeling molecular interactions of cellulose microfibrils
Vahid Satarifard
PI: Andrea Grafmüller (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Luca Bertinetti, John Dunlop (MPIKG)

Proton translocation in the light-driven inward pump Xenorhodopsin (project description)
Luiz Schubert
PI: Joachim Heberle (FU)
Collaboration: Rumiana Dimova (MPIKG)

Biophysical cues in cancer cell dormancy (project description)
Hubert Taieb
PI: Amaia Cipitria (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Tom Robinson (MPIKG)

Metal-coordinated self-healing peptide biomaterials (project description)
Isabell Tunn
PI: Kerstin Blank (MPIKG)
Collaboration: Matt Harrington (MPIKG)